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RF Cibbectors BNC Male/Plug Straight Connector Clamp Type for Coaxial Cable
BNC Male Straight Clamp Type

BNC Male Straight Clamp Type

Impedence: 50 ohm and 75 ohm

Meachanical mating: bayonet coupling

Frequency: DC ~ 4GHz (50 ohm)

Frequency: DC ~ 1GHz (75 ohm)

Body: Brass/Nickel Plating

Shell: Brass, Zinc Alloy/Nickel Plating

Insulator: Delrin or Teflon

Pin: Brass/Gold Platin

Cable: RG59, RG58, RG142, RG400, RG223,

RG213, RG214, 2.5C2V, 3C2V, RG6


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BNC Interface Dimension

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50ohm BNC connectors are miniature, lightweight units designed to operate up to 11 GHz and typically yield low reflection through 4 GHz. The two-stud bayonet lock coupling provides ease of connecting and disconnecting and cable terminations are available in crimp, clamp, solder, twist on and PCB type.

These connectors can be used in a variety of applications where true 75ohm performance is needed to insure low signal distortion, like CATV and CCTV. applications.

Applications: Antenna, Automotive, Base Stations, Broadcast, Components, Instrumentation, Medical Equipment, Telecom, Surge Protection, ... etc.

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