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RF Connectors MC Card Male/Plug Right Angle Connector Crimp Type for Coaxial Cable
MC Card Male RA Crimp Type

MC Card Male Right Angle Crimp Type

Impedence: 50 ohm

Meachanical mating: snap-on coupling

Frequency: DC ~ 6GHz

Body: Brass/Nickel

Insulator: Teflon

Pin: Brass/Gold Plating

Cable: 1.32mm,RG178, RG316, RG174,

LMR100, RG188


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MC Card Interface Dimension

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MC Card connectors are suitable for DC up to 6GHz. The applications include wireless network communications, ...etc.

MC card provide a quick connection/disconnection snap-on coupling.

Applications: Telecommunications, Wireless, ...etc.

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